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Personal Packages to Poland and other European countries

  • How do I send a package to Poland?Open or Close

    Use Polamer -  we have been shipping packages to Poland and other European countries for over 40 years!  Just bring your package to one of our offices and it will be on its way.  We guarantee the best service and price and you can track your package online at

  • How much does it cost?Open or Close

    Rest assured – we offer the best prices and the best service on shipping to Poland. The cost of service varies and depends on the method of shipping (standard, economy or air) and size and weight of your package.  You can use Shipping Cost Calculator here to get an idea – or call our office to get more detailed information.  Please understand that some packages may be priced based on their size, not weight – i.e. large packages which weigh very little. 

  • How long does it take?Open or Close

    That depends on the method of shipping – air packages get to their destination in Poland within 5-7 business days, standard sea packages within 6-8 weeks and economy sea package will take about 10 weeks to get to Poland (please remember this service does not support tracking option.)  Please remember that any national holidays (in the US and/or in Poland) may affect delivery time as well as unforeseen circumstances (such as weather, labor strikes, etc)

  • How do I send a package if there is no Polamer office in my town?Open or Close

    If there is no Polamer office in our town or state, you can use Polamer Online – service dedicated to shipping packages to Poland from any place in the US.  Just register at and you can fill out shipping documents, pay for your packages and track them on your computer or phone.

  • Is there anything I am not allowed to ship to Poland?Open or Close

    In accordance with current laws in Poland and US, personal packages cannot contain:
    - liquids (household cleaners, paints, oils, etc_
    - alcohol and tobacco products
    - guns and ammunition (that includes parts of guns), any flameable materials or explosives
    - animals and plants
    - batteries (including car batteries)
    - aerosols
    - drugs and medicine
    - art and antiques, currency and

  • What is the cost of duty fees and VAT on items I am sending?Open or Close

    In accordance with current laws in Poland and US, personal packages sent as gifts (non-commercial packages) and of declared value does not exceeding 40EUR may be sent duty-free.  If the contents of the package exceed the declared value, the package will be held until duty fees are paid – Polish Customs Office will contact the consignee (person to whom the package is being shipped) with information of the amount of fees which need to be paid.

  • Where do I get a Polamer box?Open or Close

    All Polamer offices offer variety of sizes of shipping boxes and our employees are experts in packing – you can trust quality and knowledge which comes with over 40 years of business experience and millions of items shipped.  At our Cargo Office in Des Plaines we can also pack your items in any special way required – wooden boxes,  euro pallets, etc.  Whenever you get your boxes, please consider they need to protect the items you are shipping – they must be the best, sturdiest you can get.

  • What is I want to send a package somewhere else in Europe, not Poland?Open or Close

    We are still your best option – using Polamer you can send a personal package to most European countries, both EU and not, including Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Moldova, Czech Republic, Ukraine, etc.. You can find the complete list here

    Delivery times varies depending on the country, but for the EU countries is:
    - 10 to 14 working days for air packages
    - 7 weeks for standard sea packages

  • How do I find Polamer office?Open or Close

    Please click here for Polamer locations – or you can use Polameronline to send a personal package to Poland from any place in the US.

  • Is my package insured?Open or Close

    Yes, each personal package sent by Polamer is insured to $100.