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Containers to Poland

We recommend using Polamer for all your shipping needs – we guarantee the best service and clear, fair and final pricing. Our customers always know the entire cost of shipping service and that price does not change. There are no hidden cost or unexpected fees.
It all depends on your shipping needs and we can tailor it to suit them well. As a rule of thumb, full container shipping is chosen by customers who are relocating to Poland with everything they own – a car, additional vehicles such as jet ski, motorcycle, garden furniture, a large grill, furniture, tv sets, etc. To understand it better – in a full size container (40ft) we can fit a sedan or SUV and 300-350 large packages (18X18X18). If that is too much space, you can send your things by linear feet of container space and you can be sure you will only pay for as much space as your items take up.
For all who live in Chicago and the suburbs it is rather simple – your things have to make find their way to Polamer Cargo in Des Plaines. Here we will pack them in a container which was reserved just for you and after all paperwork is completed, the container will be send on its way to Poland, to the address provided by you.

Of course we offer a pick up service – the fee for such service would depend on pick up address and how much time the whole process took. It is a great option for those who are pressed for time and want to get everything done quickly and efficiently, as may be the case when selling the house or moving. Many of our customers choose a different option – gradually bringing their goods to Polamer Cargo in Des Plaines, as we offer a FREE STORAGE OF THEIR ITEMS FOR UP TO 1 MONTH

In theory, yes you can and you can discuss your options with Polamer Cargo by calling 773.774.8855. However, we do recommend relaying on our employees knowledge and expertise – especially if the list of items to be shipped includes cars, ATVs, motorcycles, furniture, etc. You can only benefit from our 40+ years of shipping experience.

The fee for service is $500 – and that includes all materials needed.
You can still take advantage of our rates and service, no matter where in the US you live. We can arrange for the container to be delivered per your instructions and after it is filled and the paperwork done, it will be shipped to Poland – to the address specified by you. VERY IMPORTANT – LOGISTICS are important, so please consider the SIZE of the container and make sure it will fit the HEIGHT of the container.

You can find he cost of shipping a 40ft container to Poland here – this is THE FINAL COST of the shipping service and our customers pay it in the US. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN FEES, PORT FEES, TRANSPORT FEES, DOCUMENT FEES or any other fees which so many other companies keeps piling on. The only additional cost would be the delivery cost in Poland – and it depends on the address and the customs fees. HOWEVER, ALL COSTS ARE CALCULATED & PRESENTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS BEFORE THEY SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS AND THOSE COSTS ARE FINAL AND WILL NOT SUDDENLY CHANGE.

That is up to you – it can be done in Gdynia in Customs Office chosen by Polamer or it can be done by Customs Office in any city chosen by our customers. The final amount of customs fees may depend on the office chosen – for more information and to answer any question please contact Polamer Cargo.
When you ship with us, THERE ARE NO ADDITIONAL FEES once the paperwork is complete and service fee paid. All our customers KNOW EXACTLY what is the cost of the service in their particular case, including any transportation costs in Poland and customs fees – THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANY ADDITIONAL FEES, EVER.

In accordance with customs regulations in US and Poland, the person shipping a container of personal items to Poland has to provide:

  • DL or State ID,
  • List of items being shipped,
  • Documents confirming residence in the US for more than a year,
  • Polish passport or Polish ID,
  • Document confirming Polish residence (from an authorized government office).

The time frame is similar to that of our standard sea package shipment – it takes about 6 weeks. Of course the container is shipped per customer’s specifications – our customers decide what is the most convenient date. Please remember – WE OFFER UP TO 1 MONTH OF FREE STORAGE at Polamer Cargo in Des Plaines to all our customers.

How long do I have to wait for shipping date of my container?
Every container is reserved for a particular customer and shipped on a date specified by them. We do ask for 7-10 day lead on the reservation date – of course the more time we have, the better we can schedule everything. Please remember that dates are easier to get at some periods and a lot harder at another – i.e. it would be easier to get a date in June than in November, the busiest time of year. For more info and to discuss your options, please call Polamer Cargo at 773-774-8855.

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Phone: 773.774.8855

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