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Shipping a Car to Poland

  • What is the best and safest way to ship a car to Poland?Open or Close

    Using Polamer to ship your car to Warsaw,Poland is the best and safest way to get it there and it guarantees your peace of mind!

  • Who can ship a car to Poland?Open or Close

    The short answer: anybody who owns one.  If you are the owner and the car title has your name on it and the car is paid off, you have the right to ship your car to Poland – or any other place in the world.  Especially, if you want to ship is as part of your migration or relocation property.  You will also need current registration card and state issued ID or DL.  US Customs may also require the bill of sale and/or XX if the car is fairly new (one or two years old.)

  • What do I need to pick my car up in Warsaw?Open or Close

    The single most important document is ORIGINAL TITLE of your car and Polish translation of it done by authorized translation office in Poland (translation done in the US has no biding power in Poland.)  The rest depends on whether or not car is send as part of migration or relocation property or not.
    If the car is a part of relocation/migration property, you will need:
    - original US registration card
    - Polish passport or ID (dowod osobisty)
    - Document confirming permanent residency in Poland
    - List of all items shipped with the car by the person who is relocating
    - Documents confirming US residency for at least a year, such as bills, credit card statements, etc
    - Polish currency to pay customs fees – the cost of customs fees for the car is 495 z

    If the car is not a part of relocation/migration property all you will need is the vehicle title (US original and Polish translation) and documents confirming id of the person who receives the car.  And Polish currency – and quite a lot of it, as the cost of customs, VAT etc will amount to about 60% of the car value.

  • Should the car be empty for shipping?Open or Close

    Not always – if the car is being shipped due to migration/relocation, it can be packed with personal items, which will be a part of the relocation goods.  In such a case, you will need to prepare a list of items put in the car.  Please remember your car has to be packed in a way which will allow our employees to drive the car in and out of the container during the shipping process.  Very important – we have to have a full use of side mirrors.

  • How long does it take to ship the car to Warsaw?Open or Close

    It will take about 6 weeks – just like our standard see package.

  • How long do I have to pick it up in Warsaw?Open or Close

    The time frame depends on your address in Poland – Warsaw residents are given 3 days for pick up.  Everybody else has 5 to 7 days to pick up their car.  If there is a need for extra few days, it is best to contact our office in Warsaw at (22) 643-0044 to discuss the details.

  • What else do I need to remember?Open or Close

    There are two very important things to keep in mind when shipping a car to Poland:
    -  gas tank needs to be empty – when you bring your car to us the light HAS TO BE ON
    -  you cannot drive in Poland without insurance – to start with we suggest getting “ubezpieczenie graniczne” (OC, so called “border crossing insurance”) which is … only insurance good for 30 days.  This will let you drive home safely, even though you car still have American plates.  You can contact our Warsaw office for more info
    What if I do not want to pick up the car in Warsaw? Can Polamer deliver is to my house?
    Of course we can do that  - such a service can be provided per request and the cost of it depends on the kind of vehicle to transport and distance from Warsaw.

  • Does the owner have to personally pick up the car in Warsaw?Open or Close

    No – we are able to organize the customs process without the owner’s presence in Warsaw.  If you are interested in such a process, please contact Customs Agency in Warsaw at (22) 855-6033 to discuss your case with agency personnel.