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Relocating Duty Free To Poland

Any person who is moving to Poland permanently, has lived in the US for more than a year and has confirmed permanent residency address in Poland. The procedure can be repeated every two years.

The best way to relocated your assets duty free to Poland is to use Polamer for all your needs – we guarantee the best service, clear and fair pricing and peace of mind. Each one of our customers knows exactly the cost of the service BEFORE THEY LEAVE OUR OFFICE and that cost will never change. NO ADDITIONAL FEES OR UNEXPECTED COSTS, EVER.

We have the best solution for your shipping needs and offer:

  • full container shipping with delivery to any address in Poland,
  • vehicle shipping (titled and non-titled vehicles – cars, SUVs, ATVs, Jet Skis, etc.),
  • “partial container” shipping – an option to ship less then a full container of goods, great option for those who are not taking a lot with them.
The simple answer is – no. There is no law to limit the number of items which can be taken free of duty in the relocating process. They state however that all those items must have been owned and used by the person relocating at least 6 months prior to leaving the US.
In such cases we offer the option of “partial container shipping”- our customers pay only for as much space in the container as their goods take up. After their assets arrive in Warsaw, they can be picked up by the customer or can be delivered anywhere in Poland – we offer the best prices on transport within the country.
Once all your items arrive at Polamer Cargo, we will start the process of packing it in a way which will optimally utilize the space and ensure the lowest possible price – it is our promise to all our customers. After the packing process is done, the linear feet are measured and we can bill the customer for shipping it all to our warehouse in Warsaw. Please remember that we offer FREE STORAGE FOR UP TO 1 MONTH at Polamer Cargo in Des Plaines, which allows our customers to select and deliver their things at their convenience and the pace which is works for them.
We do offer pick up option – it is a paid service and the fee depends on pick up address and time spent. It is a very convenient option for those who need to get things done quickly and at once (sale of the house, moving, etc.) However, a lot of our customers chose to bring their items themselves, as it allows them to edit things they will take and give them time to make changes before everything is finally packed – especially since WE OFFER FREE STORAGE FOR UP TO 1 MONTH.

According to the US and Polish laws, the relocating party need the following:

  • DL or State ID,
  • The list of all assets which will be relocated,
  • Polish passport or ID,
  • Confirmation of permanent residency (issued by government agency),
  • Documents confirming US residency for more than one year.
Even though you are relocating your assents duty-free, you still have to pay the fees associated with the procedure of duty-free importing to the Polish Customs Office, i.e. paperwork they need to file in your case. These are flat fees and depend on the amount of items you are shipping, starting at 495 ZPL for items sent as ‘partial container shipping.’ As always, OUR CUSTOMERS KNOW EXACTLY HOW MUCH THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE BEFORE THEY LEAVE OUR OFFICE – AND THESE FEES DO NOT CHANGE.
Our relocation services cover shipping to Warsaw, but per customer’s request we can organize delivery of their assets to any place in Poland – the fee for such service varies in each case and depends on delivery address and the amount of things to deliver. With cars however, it is pretty easy – our customers just drive the car.
The usual time frame for shipping is about 6 weeks, just like with our standard sea package service. We do not however have any control over weather or any other unforeseen circumstances (i.e. strikes, forces of nature, wars, etc) which may affect the shipping time.
Our customers have 7 days to pick up their items, after they have been unloaded in our secured warehouse in Warsaw. For more information or to discuss your options, please contact our Warsaw office at (22) 643-00444.
It is our customer how tells us when the things need to be shipped – we are here to make the whole process easy and secured and our service is the best in the business.

According to Polish laws, the following items cannot be relocated duty-free:

  • food and other edibles,
  • alcohol and alcoholic beverages,
  • cigarettes or any tobacco products,
  • commercial vehicles,
  • commercial tools and/or machinery for professional use other than hand-held items and instruments used to perform the profession,
  • household cleaning and chemical products,
  • vehicle parts.

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